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    Vacuum Cavitation Cupping Device

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    Jessica Clinton shares his experience using Vacuum Cavitation Cupping Device!

    "After seeing a few web videos illustrating how cupping may reduce the look of back fat, I purchased this device. Really, I'm startled at the outcomes! Although I had modest hopes, this product exceeded my expectations. I can't speak to how effectively it massages and relieves pain because I mostly utilized it to lessen back pain and fats with its suction and infrared light."

    Complete and Innovative Treatment!

    This device has a dynamic mode that helps to relieve pain while enhancing blood flow and detoxifying. You will have the best cup experience possible thanks to this. The one-push pressure relief system's unique ability to immediately relieve cup pressure renders cup removal painless.

    How is Vacuum Cavitation Cupping Device works?

    The Vacuum Cavitation Cupping Device uses the most recent PI conduction heating technology and can reach the necessary temperature quickly (100.4°F–104°F). The muscles' excess lactic acid can be effectively broken down by the heating element to reduce discomfort. With the 1-6 level adjustable suction control, you can select the ideal suction for your needs.

    Total of 6 Levels of Treatment

    • 6 levels of magnetic heat:
      • 1-2 levels of low-temperature hot compress
      • 3-4 levels to accelerate blood circulation
      • 5-6 levels to remove deep lactic acid

    • 6 levels of suction:
      • 1-2 levels of muscle relaxation - The innovative temperature control chip that is included into the vacuum cavitation cupping device maintains a consistent temperature to aid in contracting and relaxing muscles.

      • 3-4 to liquefy fat cells - Vacuum Cavitation Cupping Device's heating element effectively breaks down and liquefies extra fats.

      • 5-6 deep lymphatic detoxification - The Vacuum Cavitation Cupping Device makes use of a unique technology that may transform electrical energy into heat energy that permeates your skin and speeds up the lymphatic vessels' slow lymphatic movement.

     Best Features

    • Self Service Function - With this device, heating, scraping, and cupping are all combined. You can immediately get started because the control panel is clear and simple to understand. You don't need anyone's assistance to complete it; you can accomplish it effortlessly on your own.
    • Ergonomic and Safe DesignSmart operation detection will activate the AI protection mechanism and shut down immediately to safeguard you after 20 minutes of continuous use.
    • Long Battery Life1800mAh large capacity battery can last for 5-7 days.

    Systematic Application

    Here are some of our satisfied customers!


    "I enjoy using cups to relieve pain and flow lymph. I purchased it with that use in mind since I really loved the red light. But I now see that it's PERFECT for removing cellulite from wider regions. It offers excellent temperature adjustment and strong suction power. The battery can power many sessions. - Josh Reid ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


    "This product was excellent for me, especially since I am an athlete and need to be able to relieve my pain so that I can recuperate in time for games. When it came to reliving pain and tension, this item was of great use to me. I would suggest this product to anyone who wants to ease little aches and pains and let me tell you it gets the job done. - Emmanuelle Jenkins ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


    "I adore the device; it heats up to the correct temperature and has excellent suction pressure. It is portable and simple to use. This has relieved my stiff neck and shoulder muscles." - Cindy Treyson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


    How to use

    1. Clean your desire body part before using. 

    2. Setup massage modes and intensity you want.


    Material: ABS

    Color: Black, Red

    Rated Power:TYPE-C Charging

    Size: 7.8x9.4cm


    Package Includes

    1 x Vacuum Cavitation Cupping Device

    Vacuum Cavitation Cupping Device


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