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    SpineEase™ - Decompression back support belt

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    Don't let back pain hold you back any longer!

    Goodbye back pain, hello freedom with SpineEase™! SpineEase™ uses gentle air pressure to elevator and support your lower back, simply reducing that pressure on your intervertebral discs and joints. And that means less hassle, more comfort and better posture overall.

    Whether you suffer from sciatica, herniated discs or just everyday back pain, SpineEase™ is your new best friend. With our high-tech stuff, get that pressure off your lower back and just get the support you need to tackle your day with full courage. Feel that freedom without that pesky pain, because SpineEase™ stands for your back, so you can focus on what really matters.

    Benefits of SpineEase™

    ✔ Instant relief: With SpineEase™, you feel that instant relief from back pain and discomfort. 'T simply lifts your lower back and gives it that support it needs, simply reducing the pressure on your intervertebral discs and joints. Experience that instant pain relief and regain your mobility so you can get back to doing your everyday things with ease.

    Better posture: With SpineEase™ it's easy to get and keep better posture. By stretching and aligning your spine, the belt helps you gradually develop healthier posture. Feel confident and relaxed with that improved posture, while reducing back strain and preventing future aches and pains.

    ✔ Faster Recovery: Thanks to SpineEase™'s innovative decompression technology, it stimulates the healing process of various back injuries. Whether it's sciatica, a herniated disc or simply back pain - the belt supports recovery by reducing pressure on the painful areas. Feel that soothing relief while SpineEase™ supports your back's natural recovery.

    ✔ Versatile Support: SpineEase™ is designed to support you in a variety of activities throughout the day. Its versatility ensures that you can count on its exceptional support anytime, anywhere. Enjoy free movement and the confidence of optimal back support with SpineEase™.


    • Outer layer: Polyurethane
    • Inner layer: Cotton
    • Inner layer for inflation: TPU
    • Waist circumference: 73cm - 122cm
    • Package Contents: 1 x SpineEase™


    SpineEase™ - Decompression back support belt


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