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    Back Support Alignment Pillow Relieves hip pain and sciatica

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    Sleep pain-free, wake up refreshed, enjoy better days.

    When was the last time you woke up without pain? You're not alone. As a side sleeper, you don't sleep completely straight. Your top leg drops forward, putting pressure on your back. Your hip joint twists and your knees touch, causing pain. Ignoring this can lead to more serious problems such as sciatic nerve damage, chronic pain, and in the worst cases, high-risk surgery.

    But there is a better way! Placing the Alignment Pillow between your legs will correct misalignments, relieve pain, and prevent the sciatic nerve from becoming pinched.

    The Back Support™️ Alignment Pillow saves you from:

    ✨Difficulty sleeping due to hip pain

    ✨Waking up with stiff, aching joints

    ✨Sciatica pain and nerve problems

    ✨Misalignment and pressure on the spine

    ✨Arthritis discomfort and bone-on-bone rubbing

    Eliminate hip pain and sciatica naturally while you sleep

    Studies from the University of Rochester show; The most common cause of hip pain and sciatica is side sleeping without proper support, which leads to spinal misalignment. This causes the spine to twist and pull, disrupting the natural alignment of your back and hips during the night.

    When you place the Back Support™️ Alignment Pillow between your legs, you address the root cause of your discomfort with scientifically proven features to support the cervical spine and help it breathe, repair and realign.


    Will this pillow help with my back, hip or knee pain?
    Absolutely! The back support leg pillow prevents misalignment of the spine and your knees from rubbing together, ensuring pain-free and comfortable side sleeping.

    How quickly does the pillow help me?
    85%* of our customers report significant improvements in their sleep, back, hips and knees after the first night of sleep with the back support leg pillow.

    Please don't worry if this isn't you! Because everyone's body is different, some people need a few trial nights before they can get used to sleeping with our pillow and feel the relief. This is exactly why our policy lasts 30 nights - to guarantee results, even if you need a few nights to get used to your improved sleep habits.

    Can I wash the pillow and what material is the cover made of?
    Yes! The pillowcase is machine washable. Simply unzip and throw the cover in the washing machine. Fresh and ready to help you sleep better and feel better.

    Our pillowcase is made from a carefully selected cotton blend; Ensuring high quality, durability and safety for the skin. In addition, the pillow does not get hot during use.

    How to use the pillow?
    Once you have placed your order, you will receive complete instructions in your inbox on the different ways and recommendations for using the pillow, such as positioning. Anyone, regardless of age, gender or health status, can use it. As simple as that!

    Back Support Alignment Pillow Relieves hip pain and sciatica


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